Notable Eminem mentions by rappers

It isn’t uncommon to listen to Eminem calling out people in his raps – either to diss them, or just to name-drop. But what about the reverse – which rappers have mentioned Eminem in his raps?

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What rappers hide in cyphers

Rappers try myriad things to get attention in their songs. Dissing, name-calling, spitting controversy-spurring lyrics are only some of the things MCs do. Camouflaging words in lyrics is a unique way that rappers sometimes use to stand out.

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My rap & hip-hop story

A large chunk of my penchant for rap is courtesy Eminem. You can therefore expect him clearly overshadowing other rap artists in this, my rap story. Also, it is only recently that I have started to want to understand the technicalities of rap. So for most of my story, I’ve been listening to rap purely for enjoyment rather than as an analyst.

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